Dear Mayor

We are addressing this letter to you because there is sister city relation between Konya and your city. We would like to share the programs and our projects that are important for us, to take a step forward to develop our sister city relations, to strengthen our solidarity and to increase cooperation between our cities especially in agriculture sector.

Konya, having an area of 42.000 km2, is the largest city of Turkey and one of the leader cities in terms of arable lands. It is also the 7th most populous city in Turkey with its population of 2,2 million. With its historical bazaar and places, Konya is also a living and agricultural city, which is the oldest settlement in the world with its history of 9400 years.

With these in mind, we would like to primarily share you that TUYAP 15th International Agriculture and Agricultural Machinery and Plantation Technology Exhibition (Konya Agriculture 2017) shall be organized in Konya on 21-25 March 2017. The exhibition area is 86.000 m2, 20.000 m2 of which is outdoor space and 66.000 m2 is indoor space. 1200 brand and 402 companies from 16 countries shall have a stand in the exhibition. Approximately 300.000 participants from Turkey and 48 countries are expected to visit the exhibition.

Our international promotional and organizational activities are noteworthy. Konya has been announced as Tourism Capital of Islamic World for 2016 and many events have been organized throughout the year. Konya is a member of many international organizations such as United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG), Organization of Islamic Capitals and Cities (OICC), League of Historical Cities and Organization of Cities along Silk Road and has been actively on the executive boards of them.

In the exhibition period mentioned above, we are planning to organize Agricultural Cities Conference, which shall be the first step for our goal to establish “International Agricultural Cities Union”.

It is an honor for us to host 2 authorized and high-level officers from your Municipality in Konya during the exhibition period to negotiate the issues above. In order for us to make the needed arrangements, we would like you to inform us about the names of the participants as soon as possible.
The details on Konya Agriculture 2017 and other events will be provided later.

Mayor of Konya Metropolitan Municipality
Co –President of UCLG